Is your home service business prepared for a crisis?

One of your former technicians has gone rogue. Not only are they offering lower rates to your clients, but they’re blasting your reputation on every platform they can. What do you do?

A client has gone straight to the local media with a claim that your company’s installation has caused a flood in their basement. How do you approach this?

An employee’s post to your social media account is interpreted poorly by followers, and negative comments and messages pile up. What’s your response?

Crises come in many shapes and forms, particularly in the home service industry. How and when you respond to these situations can either drown or revive your reputation. When these circumstances arise, you may resort to panic, which clouds your judgement. That’s why it’s important to have a plan ready for when, not “if,” crises come about.

A home service public relations agency will help you flesh out these components (and more) to ensure a smooth approach to any crisis:

  • Assign roles
    • Decide who speaks to the media and who manages negative social media messages and comments.
  • Prepare statements
    • While you can’t prepare for every detail, having a baseline, agency-approved statement ready for the press will lighten the load and ease your stress.
  • Experiment
    • Test your plan. Especially if you don’t have a professional PR agency at hand, you’ll need to ensure that everyone knows their role and has prepared their individual part.

A crisis plan at worst keeps you calm. At best, it saves your business. Give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit Ripley PR online to find out how a public relations crisis plan can keep you afloat.


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