Is Your Home Service B2B Tech Company Prepared for a Crisis?

As a home service B2B tech company, you’re always ready to help out your clients as soon as a crisis strikes. But are you ready if it is your own company being affected?Your B2B tech company needs B2B tech public relations.

If you haven’t already developed a crisis management plan, you should strongly consider hiring a specialized B2B tech public relations agency. Because a crisis isn’t a matter of if – it’s a matter of when. And it can sneak up on you in a multitude of forms:

Data breach. This is what’s known in the PR world as a customer crisis. This means you’ll have to re-establish trust with the customers who were affected. Your B2B tech PR agency will know the best, most upright way to address the situation, as well as the language to use and actionable steps to take in order to let your customers know they can still trust you.

Employee misconduct. This is an example of an image or even legal crisis. It casts a negative light on your company, and can potentially result in legal proceedings. Needless to say, a crisis like this must be managed in an extremely delicate way.

Social media controversy. This type of crisis presents a totally different set of obstacles. And since the internet is such an untamable space, knowing exactly how to address an issue like this can be tricky even in the best circumstances.

The good news is a specialized public relations agency like Ripley PR is always prepared for these and other sensitive situations. You can trust their guidance while you focus on your main objective: building and improving the company you run and love.

At Ripley PR, we specialize in PR for B2B tech companies like yours. And we’d love to help you out! Contact us at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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