Is your health IT company on the Wall of Shame?

Ripley PR can help devise a crisis plan to limit the fallout

Becoming a member of a hall of fame is great. Joining the ranks on the wall of shame? Not so much.

The Department of Health and Human Services regularly updates a database with the names of companies or health care institutions that suffer security breaches. Such intrusion threatens the privacy of health care consumers who can see their very private health details released into the world. The HHS website has been dubbed the “Wall of Shame.”

The widespread digitization of health records greatly increases the likelihood of a digital security breach. Ripley PR, an agency with expertise in the healthcare IT public relations realm, can limit the damage to a brand or reputation such a breach can incur. We can help you craft a crisis response plan to address the fallout. The plan should include (at least) the following:

  • A list of contacts or a phone tree of all relevant people to bring into the loop.
  • A designated spokesman or spokeswoman who will take the lead on media inquiries.
  • Adjustable templates of prepared statements or social media posts.
  • A list of pointers for interacting with the media.

All team members tasked with responding to a crisis should be trained and prepared to assume their role at a moment’s notice. Responding quickly and truthfully to a crisis is paramount. Anything less will likely exacerbate the situation and make your company appear aloof and ill-prepared to address something as potentially damaging as a breach of medical records.

It’s important to remember there are humans attached to every bit of digital data out there. Patient and customer confidentiality is vitally important to protect. If you don’t have a crisis plan in place to deal with a health IT breach, you need to formulate one now. We may not be able to remove your company from the Wall of Shame, but we can certainly help limit the negative fallout.

Contact us today for more information on how Ripley PR can craft a crisis response plan that’s best for your company.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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