Is Your Construction Company Prepared for a Crisis?

As the owner or manager of a construction company, whether in the residential or commercial side of things, it’s absolutely critical that you have a crisis management plan in place before a crisis occurs. Even for the most successful of construction companies, a crisis could occur at any time. If you don’t have a plan in place for communications during a crisis of any kind, whether due to a natural disaster, an issue with the physical building or an employee or staffing emergency, a small thing can blow up into a situation that is much worse than it actually was without the right plan in place.Construction Public Relations Ripley PR

As we see on the news via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other online sources almost every day, an incident, whether accidental or purposeful, becomes larger than life within minutes, if not seconds. So if your business experiences a major fire, for instance, who will contact the media about the status of the fire, how it was started (leave that to the police), if there was anyone in the building, how it is being handled and of course, someone needs to manage how employees will be reached and informed. Vendors and customers will also need to be contacted and informed about what effect the fire will have on business.

Social media will be your first line of communication, so a big part of your plan should be to designate the person or persons responsible for interacting with the community, with police if warranted, with staff of all levels, with vendors and clients and with the TV and other news media. Specifically, who is going to be in charge of the social media postings while the crisis is occurring and in the days after the crisis? It is important to have a spokesperson chosen well before an emergency or crisis so that person can be trained in crisis management, or your business may want to hire a professional firm that specializes in construction business crisis management and planning like Ripley PR.

No business wants to think about the possibility of a crisis, but the nature of news and social media dictate that you have a plan and a process to handle any potential crisis. If you need help reviewing your business and coming up with a crisis plan, contact the construction public relations professionals at Ripley PR.

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