Into the (Healthcare IT) Breach

How Will Your Healthcare IT Company Respond to Crisis?

As a healthcare IT innovator, you’ve shouldered a lot of responsibility. A flaw in your programming or in your product’s security could put patient records or, even lives, at risk. But you believe in your product, believe in your team. So, you take responsibility and do the best you can.

Healthcare IT company responds to a crisis

But what happens when your best isn’t good enough? When hackers or negligence or just plain bad luck strike? How you and your company respond to a crisis will say volumes about you. Your response may be the difference between keeping your doors open and closing up shop.

No one wants a crisis, but in this growing field it’s best to plan for the worst while you hope (and work) for the best. Crisis management should be an integral part of your healthcare IT public relations plan, and a professional agency can help.

Planning Ahead

If you create a crisis plan before a crisis strikes, you lower your chances of reacting thoughtlessly, and in the internet age, hordes of tweeters won’t let you forget a goof anytime soon. A crisis plan is a step-by-step guide to what you and your team should do in a tough situation, and your public relations partners will help you craft that plan.

It should include:

  • A designated spokesperson: One person should be designated to speak to the media and the authorities about the crisis.
  • Media training: A crisis management public relations agency will work with your designated spokesperson on what to say and how to say it. Good rules of thumb include being honest, transparent and sincere.
  • Staff training: Even though you’ve designated a spokesperson, the rest of your staff might get asked questions, too. A great PR agency will help train your staff about how to respond or not respond.


But don’t forget the follow-through. The aftermath of a crisis might be an opportunity for your company to rise again, learn from mistakes and come out stronger. Your public relations partners can help you craft that message, too. If you’re interested in putting PR to work for you, whether you anticipate a crisis or not, Ripley PR is here to help. Our crisis experts will stand by your side before, during and after trouble strikes. Find us online or call us today at (865) 977-1973.


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