Importance of Customer References in Healthcare IT: Can Public Relations Help?

Healthcare IT companies occupy a niche industry, and the number of available clients can be limited. Standing out from competitors is of paramount importance to success, and customer references can often make all the difference.

Part of the role a public relations agency can play for a healthcare IT company is publicizing and maintaining a positive image of its unique brand by pitching any accomplishments and recognition, including customer references, to the media.

Healthcare IT companies can strongly benefit by having their success stories made public and distributed to publications frequented by those in the medical community. By sharing their accomplishments, references, and any positive quotes from clients, the company can attract the attention of clients in need of the unique services offered.

A quality agency, especially one experienced in healthcare IT public relations, can make these valuable references and positive stories visible to ideal audiences by utilizing multiple outlets, such as the IT company’s website and social media, relevant trade publications, local and national news, and others.

Cutting out all the time and effort spent toward broad, general advertising by hiring a public relations agency to quickly get the brand in front of the right audience can result in faster lead generation and client acquisition. Complementing these targeted efforts with the inclusion of customer references adds substantive evidence to the campaign and can dramatically increase chances of success.

To find out more about how your healthcare IT company can benefit by partnering with an experienced public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.

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