Image Drives Success for Automotive Industry

When people pick out a vehicle, there is a lot that goes into that decision. Consumers may evaluate price, features, and environmental impact, but two key factors are brand trust and vehicle image – what type of person do they think they are? Who do they want to be?

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Driver Perception is Clutch

For years, brands like Toyota and Honda have been leaders in brand trust and loyalty, long considered to be reliable cars. However, over the last ten years, Subaru has enjoyed an incredible boost in both popularity and brand loyalty. The Edmunds loyalty report shows Subaru at 61 percent, just below Toyota’s 63 percent. Subaru has certainly kept up with the most popular features and fuel efficiency, but most of this meteoric rise can be attributed to image. Subaru launched the “Love Campaign,” with messaging about how Subaru owners have emotional connections to their vehicles. They showed Subaru owners out exploring the world, having adventures, and being socially responsible. They know their market. People who see themselves as responsible adventurers will aspire to own a Subaru, and 61 percent of owners will buy a second one.

This isn’t only a lesson for car makers. This is a lesson for anyone associated with the automotive industry. Image is important, almost as important as performance. At a time when consumer tastes are evolving, it is crucial to position your brand appropriately, highlight its distinctive attributes, and reach the right people. Whether you’re manufacturing parts, assembling automobiles, or selling them, consumer demand will drive your success.

Jump Start Your Image 

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