If you don’t have an online newsroom on your website, you may be missing out

When it comes to B2B public relations, earned media coverage is one of the greatest assets for promoting your company. Instead of buying advertisements, the most effective way to improve your brand image and reputation is through compelling stories published by trusted local or national media, trade publications and broadcast media.

One way to encourage the media to write about your company is to make it easier for them to gather the necessary information. That’s where establishing an online newsroom for your company can help.

Online Newsrooms

It’s pretty simple. It can be a missed opportunity if a journalist is researching your company and can’t find contact information or learn about its history or download headshots of important executives or products.

An online newsroom is a basic component of a B2B public relations strategy. It should pull together all the basic information about your company into a convenient format for journalists to access. It should include company information, press releases, logos, and images.

Here are some of the elements necessary for a comprehensive online newsroom:

  • Press kit. Compile important information about your company into a downloadable press kit. It can contain bios of the executive staff, the history of the company, brochures, company highlights, and copies of media coverage.
  • Contact lists. Journalists will go to your website to find out about your B2B company and will look for contacts. Include a list of trained spokespeople for your business. The contact list should be current.
  • Having no images available of your company’s staff, products, or products reduces the chance that any articles will be published. Providing accessible images can make the difference between earning coverage or being ignored.
  • An online newsroom can be a good place to promote video highlights about your company and can also link to its YouTube channel.

Let Us Help

An online newsroom is just part of having a successful PR strategy for your company. An experienced public relations agency partner like Ripley PR can also develop a media outreach strategy to get your company’s name out to the media through the consistent use of press releases and the regular development of social media and blog content. If you’re ready to find the best ways to promote your business, contact us today at 865-977-1973.

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