If You Build It They Will Come: Creating Goodwill for Your Manufacturing Business Through PR

You’re a manufacturer. You build things like jet engines and tile and stuffed animals. That’s what you sell. Who needs manufacturing public relations when all you have to do is make your widgets to succeed?

If you’ll pardon a little honesty, you’re wrong. As a manufacturer, you are also building intangible assets that can make or break your company. You’re building your name and reputation and a reservoir of goodwill that serves as a tremendous marketing tool for your business.Manufacturing Public Relations Ripley PR

You have to look no further than the latest social media crisis involving United Airlines where an incident involving a passenger being dragged off a plane has pulled the company into controversy – and not coincidentally pulling down its stock price by $1.4 billion, according to Fortune.com:

And rather than blowing over after a night’s rest, the outrage only grew after the CEO sent an email to employees late Monday defending his staff’s action and calling the passenger “disruptive and belligerent.” Soon enough, the anger became global, with some questioning the practice of overbooking flights.

Now airlines and manufacturers may not seem to be in the same class, but what happens if one of your employees says the wrong thing on social media, and it goes viral? What if you’re the best manufacturer of air bag inflators in the world, but nobody knows about you? How do you get traction in the marketplace?

With the help of a manufacturing public relations agency, all it takes is a consistent social media strategy and a consistent focus on outreach to the media and the public to ensure your message is amplified. Reputation matters, and a good agency can be your megaphone to let the world know about your accomplishments.

That’s where Ripley PR comes in. We’re experts at promoting your business, enhancing your name recognition, and helping you come up with workable plans to weather crises with your good reputation intact. Contact us today.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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