I Own a Plumbing and Heating Business – Do I Even Have News to Share?

First, let’s get straight to the short answer – YES!

Home service public relations keeping a plumbing and HVAC service team busy and happy.

As a public relations agency with decades of combined experience with the home service industry, we understand how busy and hectic life can be for a service business owner. In fact, if your company is in a region that truly experiences seasonal weather changes in all of their glory, you may never catch break to stop and think, save for slight dips in spring and fall. With much to do, it can be tough to process when you have a newsworthy story to tell.

So, how do you know when you have news to share?

Hard news, when positive for your brand, should be shared whenever possible. Here are some examples of opportunities that can result in “hard news:”

  • As a result of impressive growth, your company has expanded into another office or territory.
  • Your company has just bolstered its leadership team with one or more new hires or promotions.
  • New services are now being offered to meet the demands of your service area.
  • Congrats! Your service business has been presented with a prestigious award.
  • Your company has made a notable donation to the community or a local charity.

These stories are fantastic to tell, and usually have the highest probability of being picked up by local publications. Realistically, however, you may not have news like this to share every month.

Wes Nisker once said, “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own.”

If you feel as though you’re lacking anything to report, it’s time to create news!

Need help with that?

By partnering with the right home service public relations agency, you’ll have a team with whom you can brainstorm new ways to get key media placement. When the news doesn’t write itself, you can take control by working together to coordinate new community or company events, acting on a potential charitable partnership or even by creating and offering a list of timely tips and advice for your customer base.

Your home service company has news to share, even if you don’t know it, so contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 to get started.

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