How You Respond During a Crisis Says a Lot

Every home service business owner would love it if every day were filled with service calls and positive customer interactions. However, sometimes a crisis may arise that puts a stop to everything you had planned for the day. But, how do you prepare something like that? How should you respond? A home service public relations agency can develop a crisis communications plan for you to help steer you through the toughest of situations. Without addressing a specific crisis here, there are certain steps you can take to be prepared. That’s where a professional public relations team can help.

Here are the key benefits your crisis communications plan should provide:

  • Identify the crisis – Whether you are a plumbing, electrical or HVAC business, a public relations agency with expertise in home services will help you identify various incidents and accidents that could constitute a crisis. However, if you have a strong crisis communications plan developed, you can use it to steer you through any abnormal situation. You can’t think of every scenario, but identifying potential and realistic crises will help you prepare for the worst that could happen.
  • Prepare your team – Your crisis communications team should all be on the same page. Make sure you identify who you want to be notified in the first minutes after a crisis occurs. The sooner you can get everyone up to speed with details, the better. Other than top managers, don’t forget to include your PR agency in case a crisis pops up. Make a quick call list so you can save valuable minutes when responding to a crisis – it could save you a lot of heartache.
  • Initial response actions – In the first moments of a crisis, information will fly fast. The media will be clamoring for anything you can give them. Your plan should contain step-by-step initial response actions for you and your team to take. Prepare by practicing this initial response, and if a crisis erupts, stay with the plan. It may save your business.

No one wants to experience a crisis. However, having a well thought out crisis communications plan will benefit you and your business. A strong PR agency can help you develop that plan.

If any of the above resonates with you and your home service business, we at Ripley PR would love to talk with you. Not only are we a home service public relations agency, we know how to help prepare for even the worst day at the office.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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