How Would You Handle An Emergency? It Pays to Prepare

It happens in every business, every company. The normal, smooth, daily flow of operations is interrupted. Maybe an employee gets hurt, or there is a chemical leak of some sort. Maybe someone in the company gets arrested.

The crisis may be big, or it may be small. Whatever it is, it needs to be addressed. And, if you’re in a position of leadership, dealing with the situation at hand—not how you’re going to talk to the public—is probably the first thing on your mind.

At Ripley PR, we understand that a key part of dealing with a crisis is realizing and mitigating how it affects your company’s image. With good crisis management, you can often turn negatives into positives.a man in a gray suit standing next to a sign that says "solution"

The professionals at Ripley PR are skilled in helping our clients with any B2B public relations situation that might arise, including how to react in an emergency. We use the following philosophy:

  • Tell it all, tell it fast and tell the truth. If you ignore the situation, it will only get worse. If a mistake has been made, admit it up front and begin doing whatever is necessary to reestablish credibility and confidence.
  • Answer media calls promptly. If you don’t give them answers, they will get the answers for themselves. You want to be the one in control of the information, and people tend to remember what they hear first and last.
  • Prepare and give an overall statement in an appropriate way. Maybe it’s a news conference. Maybe it’s an email or a Facebook post. Or possibly a combination of different methods. We can help you figure it out.
  • Anticipate tough questions and practice responding to them. Our professional coaches can help you do that.

Our first and foremost goal is to protect the integrity and reputation of our clients, and we have superior skill and knowledge in that area. We know how to view situations from the eyes of the public, and then guide you in the best way so your reputations and brand are protected.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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