How to Lower Customer Acquisition Costs through Construction Tech PR

We’re in the middle of the largest construction boom in recent history, so why can it be so costly to sell builders on the benefits of construction technology?

Construction Tech is a growing field that can benefit from public relations.

Customer acquisition costs across the construction tech industry can be high for a number of reasons, but they don’t have to be. Construction tech public relations gives tech companies an edge by building name recognition and trust among potential business clients. In the long term, this can translate into lower CACs and stronger leads.

Thinking About Customer Acquisition Costs?

In today’s construction market, all the dominoes should be lined up just right for construction tech to take over. But without the proper tools and strategies, customer acquisition can quickly become a hassle. Traditional marketing methods, like paid print advertising, may not pay off as well as they would for B2C products.

Public relations, however, is better at making the genuine connections that B2B tech companies, and especially construction tech companies, need to thrive.

How does PR Make Acquiring Customers More Efficient?

When corporate decision-makers choose new products to incorporate into their workflows, they make that decision based on the credibility and reputation of the brand, not necessarily the advertising. After all, when’s the last time you saw a television ad for cranes or forklifts? That’s why PR is so well-suited for construction tech.

PR emphasizes the benefits of a product through earned media, which allows companies to develop trust around their brands. It positions a ConTech company as a partner, not just another vendor. And it uses media relationships to put product stories where they’ll be seen by decision makers, without wasting time with scattershot advertising. PR is all about conveying the reliability and trustworthiness that you work so hard to create through your company and products.

Why Should ConTech Companies Choose Ripley PR?

At Ripley PR, we have experience serving ConTech companies. We understand B2B public relations, and have been helping connect companies to corporate buyers for years. And we’ve got the record to show for it: we’ve helped our clients secure ConTech coverage in trade publications and national media alike.

If you want to reach more customers in your field, contact Ripley PR or give us a call at (865) 977-1973. We can combine our deep understanding of the construction and tech fields with our tried and true PR strategies to help lower your customer acquisition costs and help your business grow.

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