How to leverage public relations for franchise growth

franchise growthGrowing a franchise beyond 100 units is no easy task. Just ask anyone who has done it. While you’re at it, go ahead and ask them if public relations had anything to do with their success. Their answer will undoubtedly be yes. Why? Because public relations is a pivotal part of any franchise growth strategy.

Earned media generated by public relations is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads for your growing franchise, and here at Ripley PR, we understand the important role that franchise public relations plays in your overall growth strategy.

If your franchise is in the growth stage and you’re looking to expand your footprint, here are four public relations tactics you can use right now to help boost your awareness and generate more leads:

  1. Press releases – Still an industry stalwart, press releases are the quickest, easiest way to disseminate information and provide the media with potential stories. Luckily for franchises, there are a multitude of news opportunities that press releases can cover. From new store openings and licensing deals to unique product offerings and business partnerships, there’s never a shortage of release-worthy information that can be shared both on your website and with the media.
  2. Guest columns – Guest columns in targeted publications are a great way to showcase your expertise while providing prospects with insights into how you think and how your franchise operates. With the right media relationships, you too can have your own reoccurring column that allows you to speak directly to your audience on a number of relevant topics. The key to these opportunities is to make sure you provide valuable information (or in some cases, entertainment) to your audience without an overt sales pitch.
  3. Interviews and speaking engagements – Whether you showcase your expertise at a conference or during a television interview, your ability to get in front of the right people to share your knowledge or your story can successfully generate franchise leads. You might already know, but if you don’t, you’d be surprised at how many speaking opportunities there are for you to take advantage of—if you know the right people.
  4. Feature storyEvery franchise has a story, and while some of the plot lines might be familiar, each franchise (and even franchisees within a franchise) has something unique to offer, or it wouldn’t be a franchise in the first place. That story, if harnessed and told correctly, can show your prospects what it means to be a part of your business. But it needs to be placed in front of the right media outlet for the most impact.

If you’d like to discuss these tactics in detail or talk about more ways that public relations can help your franchise grow, give Ripley PR a call today at 865-977-1973.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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