How To Build Your Business With Franchise Public Relations

You’ve got a great franchise concept. You’ve set up a system that works. But the phone calls and emails aren’t coming in — or you can’t convert the ones you get into new deals.

So, what’s your next step?

That would be developing a franchise public relations strategy. A great franchise PR team can help you establish brand awareness, build and maintain brand reputation, prepare you for worst-case scenarios and, most important, deliver the right message to potential franchisees to help your company grow. 

Franchise PR Strategy

Here’s what franchise public relations can do for your business:

  • Generate positive media coverage. PR professionals distribute press releases and leverage their relationships with editors, producers and reporters in national, local and trade media to get coverage for their clients. These stories build awareness, establish credibility and attract franchisee interest.
  • Manage negative media coverage. The experienced social media experts at the best PR firms monitor your social media accounts for negative reviews and other potentially damaging content. A PR agency will also help you manage crisis situations, so bad news doesn’t get worse.
  • Reach the right audiences. You’ve got more than one target audience for your franchise. National business magazines can help you build a reputation as an expert. Franchise trade media can reach serious potential investors. And local and regional coverage in your target markets can reach new franchisees and help establish a loyal customer base.

If you’ve got a fantastic franchise opportunity but need help growing, franchise public relations could be your next move. At Ripley PR, we’ve got an experienced team who can help you deliver the right message to the right audience to build your franchise.

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