How Public Relations Can Give Your B2B Tech Company a Boost

Now, more than ever, time management is crucial for conducting business.  Skilled trade companies are searching for avenues to maximize time and are relying upon B2B tech companies for solid solutions.  From the small business owner to large corporations, the competitive market is driving owners to explore tech-centered management platforms and cloud-based software as a viable streamlining option.

At Ripley PR, we recognize the call for an experienced B2B tech public relations team who knows and understands the skilled trades.  We have spent considerable time immersing ourselves in learning not only their business but their core challenges and constraints.  This is what qualifies Ripley PR to act as a conduit in ensuring your company is recognized and connected with the right target audience.

An article by Entrepreneur on the role of PR in B2B reported:

Effective PR helps a B2B firm step outside the echo chamber that limits it to players in the same domain. Such a firm replaces difficult jargon and boring self-promotional messages that the boardroom loves but the audience loathes with relevant messages for the target audience. This enables businesses to achieve their objectives.

We can appreciate the hesitancy of some businesses to embrace the transition to a paperless office format.  But, as a B2B tech public relations firm, our role is to highlight your company’s uniqueness and the positive aspects that your product brings to the market to ease those concerns.   Our seasoned team knows how to craft and pitch your tech stories to emphasize your innovation that will attract owners and decision makers in the skilled trades and bring new business to your door.

Ripley’s years of relationship and network building with local and national media contacts affords us the opportunity to be recognized as an influential and trusted public relations firm for both B2B tech companies and businesses operating in skilled trade industries.  Let our home service, construction and manufacturing experience work for you and give your company the boost it needs to bridge the gap from an ordinary to extraordinary PR strategy.

To find out more about how a well-developed PR strategy can help your B2B business, contact the team at Ripley PR today.  Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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