How PR helps your B2B tech stand out from the crowd

“To be unusual in a good way,” states the Merriam-Webster definition on the the meaning of “standing out from the crowd.” In the sea of B2B tech, public relations can be the tool to help you highlight the good of your brand.

There are several ways that PR can help do this, but let’s examine only a couple. An experienced team like Ripley PR, can help you stand out through earned media coverage with the help of press releases and thought leadership.

Earned Coverage

First, let’s discuss what this means. This isn’t you paying for an ad in Construction Executive or EdTech, earned coverage is based on merit. A publication saw your press release on the wire and ran it on their site. That’s earned. A reporter reaches out for you to speak on tech for a story they’re writing. That’s earned.

There are multiple ways to achieve media coverage, but we will be looking at the press release and thought leadership.

Press Release

Not everything should be a press release. If you hired a new software engineer, that’s not necessarily press release worthy. Now, if you hired a new CEO, that could constitute a release. It’s important to have an experienced public relations team to help guide you and make these determinations.

A well-written release is something that can be picked up by a publication and published as-is or can lead to a more in-depth story. The press release should not be your main source of earned coverage, but it’s an impactful tool when utilized correctly. From these, your brand can continue to be viewed by the masses and can lead to more opportunities to show your thought leadership. B2B tech can stand out with public relations.

Thought Leadership

You’ll hear this term way too much in the public relations industry, but that’s because it’s important. Thought leadership is a huge factor in helping you stand out. Whether it’s a bylined article, a podcast or you’re a source on a story, thought leadership is what ultimately demonstrates the knowledge behind your brand.

Media training combined with your insight can increase your opportunities to share. Thus, increasing the potential for viewership on your brand.

In the continuously growing B2B tech field, you’ll want to be armed with a knowledgeable team to help you push your way to the top. If you’re ready to start, contact Ripley PR online or on 865-977-1973.


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