How PR can help your brand recognition grow

Your business has taken off and started to soar, but you have a sense that your target customer base doesn’t readily recognize your brand. This is where a competent B2B public relations agency comes in handy in helping the entrepreneur.

Even if you are a franchisor, it may be a challenge to build brand awareness for franchise development through paid advertising. Here are a few ways PR can help your business continue to grow through increased
brand recognition:

  • Garnering earned coverage – What the good PR agencies do well is secure what is called ear
    ned media coverage. Instead of guessing which publications to advertise in, engage a public
    relations firm to strategically place you in the right publications that put your business in front of the right potential clients and customers.
  • Ensuring consistent branding – A strong B2B public relations agency can ensure your branding is consistent no matter the media vehicle. Franchisors typically do this very well, but it is important to stay the course when branding your business when you don’t have the big corporate support.
  • Providing value – Public relations is all about providing branding value for the dollar invested. An agency with experienced content and brand managers will provide any entrepreneur the value sought when building brand awareness for a fledgling business.

Your business or franchise deserves the talent and expertise a strong B2B public relations agency provides. Brand recognition is vital to growth and customer loyalty. Let PR help your business achieve the heights you want it to.

If any of the above resonates with you and your business, we at Ripley PR would love to talk with you. Not only are we a B2B public relations agency, we know we can deliver coverage and value that will grow your brand.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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