How PR can help you maximize exposure at Trade Shows

Boost your exposure at trade shows with health IT public relations

Nothing competes with the face-to-face exposure you get at trade shows. It is a traditional marketing strategy that many health IT companies use to showcase their latest products and to network with clients, potential partners and other companies.

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Sales potential of trade shows is rather high, considering about 82 percent of trade show visitors are directly involved in making purchase decisions, and trade show attendees have stated these events have a considerable impact on their purchase decision. In 2015, just over 50 percent of trade show visitors in the U.S. said they were planning to buy exhibited products or services within 12 months of attending the trade show, a slightly increase from the previous years. About 80 percent of visitors decided to purchase the product/service because they sampled, used or saw a demonstration of the product/service and liked it, while 57 percent stated the better understanding of the product gained during the event was the most influential factor. 

But how can you maximize your exposure at trade shows?

A dedicated health IT public relations strategy can help you drive more traffic to your booth and build awareness of your products with earned media.

Here are a few ways how public relations can help you boost exposure at trade shows:

Pre-Show promotion with earned media

Your health IT public relations team can help you to develop a press release announcing your company will be at the trade show, describing what products you plan to showcase and/or launch. The team will distribute the press release to targeted health IT media inviting them to stop by your booth, and create a media kit to make it easy for them to do a write-up of your products after the event.

Secure Speaking opportunities at the event

Maximize your time at a trade show with a speaking opportunity. This is a very effective way to generate quality leads at a trade show. Your PR team can help you secure a speaking opportunity (if there are any available) by creating proposals and coordinating everything around the event.

Social media promotion

Your PR team can create social media content specifically for the trade show to help drive traffic to your booth. Sharing content with the appropriate hashtags and links are vital so show organizers can easily share your content and help you reach a wider audience.

If you are interested in learning more about ways health IT public relations can help you maximize your exposure at trade shows, contact the professionals at Ripley PR.

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