How PR can help manufacturers beat the labor shortage

Americans think manufacturing jobs are essential to the 21st-century economy. Eighty-three percent of us say manufacturing is important to the country’s overall economic prosperity, and seven in 10 say the U.S. should invest more in manufacturing jobs. That’s according to a recent study by Deloitte, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute.

But that same study also uncovered a disconnect in how the public think about these jobs. Even though they recognize the importance of manufacturing, many people don’t consider it a realistic option, either for themselves or for their families. One-third of Americans would not encourage their children to pursue careers in manufacturing, citing stability and pay as their chief concerns.

These negative perceptions contribute to a labor shortage in manufacturing that experts predict is going to get worse over the next decade. But companies that effectively challenge those perceptions will have an advantage in recruiting the most talented young employees – and public relations is an essential tool for manufacturers who want to tell the real story about their industry.

The truth is that modern manufacturing is high-tech, innovative, fast-moving and well-paying – everything that millennials and the generation following them are looking for in a career. Here’s how an experienced manufacturing public relations team like Ripley PR can help you tell the right story, and then deliver it to the right audience.

Media coverage
We’ll help you get coverage in local and national press – stories about your business or articles that present you as an expert. Every piece of coverage, from radio and TV to newspapers, magazines, trade journals and online publications, is a chance for you to tell an audience of potential employees what manufacturing is really like.  

Social media
At Ripley PR, we can manage your social media in order to create a strong brand, present the right public image for your industry and make important professional connections. Among the most important connections you can make on social media are with young jobseekers, who are far more likely to see news about open positions on social media than your website or a newspaper.

We’ll help you navigate all the opportunities for industry awards and recognition. Our team of experienced manufacturing PR professionals can help you compete for the awards that matter – and save you time by steering you away from the ones that don’t. Your brand’s reputation will benefit, and your message will reach a whole new audience.

If you want to give your manufacturing company an edge in the recruiting game, Ripley PR can help. We’ll tell your story and reach the talent you’re looking for while you focus on what makes your company great.  

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