How PR can help healthcare IT providers find a path forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. Staffing issues, patchwork record-keeping, burnout and the unequal, inefficient distribution of resources have all contributed to the public image of an industry in crisis.

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As our country gradually emerges from the shadow of the coronavirus, healthcare companies are looking for ways to adapt to a transformed market, creating an unprecedented competitive climate. For healthcare IT providers, navigating the new marketplace will be a daunting challenge. But it’s also an opportunity for select healthcare technology providers to establish themselves as clear industry leaders.

One of the most effective routes to that kind of competitive differentiation is PR. An experienced healthcare IT public relations agency like Ripley PR can work with your company to develop and successfully implement a strategy that will steer your brand through a period of uncertainty and disruption. Through expert media relations, we can help position company executives as thought leaders in the industry and connect their voices with key decision makers. Strategic earned media opportunities increase brand awareness and build trust, and our veteran crisis communications team can prepare you to manage public challenges with confidence.

If your healthcare technology company is looking for a path forward after a difficult year, consider calling Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 or contacting us online.


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