How PR can benefit your Knoxville business

Running a business in Knoxville can be exhausting. The competition seems to keep growing, and it’s more difficult than ever to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Coming into 2021, do you have the right public relations strategy to increase your visibility beyond the region? Are you using the right tactics to stand out from your fellow business leaders? What platforms hold your focus? Are they the right ones for you?Knoxville Skyline

The right PR team can answer these questions for you. Being a Knoxville public relations agency with a national reach, Ripley PR is ready to help.

What are your local competitors doing?

Keeping up with the local competition is vital if you want to stay ahead. Is their market the same as yours? If so, how are you standing out? Do you have dreams of expanding nationally? Are you getting media coverage outside of the local marketplace? We can dig deep for you and figure out the best strategies to boost your visibility.

Are you using PR practically?

Let’s translate public relations into your business. Are you using your accomplishments and expertise to showcase your business? Are you getting others to talk about your business for you? We can coordinate interviews and create features that local, regional, and national journalists will want to use, generating publicity from what you already offer. No gimmicks. No tricks. All you.

What are your connections?

In order to get good PR, you need connections. Being familiar with your area, a local PR team knows the best outlets to use, and may have already built relations with those outlets. We know your target audience, and we know the best ways to communicate with them.

As your business continues to grow, you need more than just advertising. Public relations can take you a step further than your competition, and Ripley PR knows the best ways to get you there. If you want to grow your business even more, PR is the right addition to your marketing strategy. If you want to take your business further, give us a call at (865)-977-1973 or visit Ripley PR online.


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