How East Tennessee manufacturers can modernize their PR strategy

Manufacturing in 2020 barely resembles what it looked like in 1920. Today’s factory, with automation, smart technology, AI, innovative materials and advanced safety and sustainability efforts, would look like science-fiction to the industrialists of a century ago.

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One area, however, might be familiar to time travelers from the past. Many manufacturers practice public relations with the same tools and according to the same principles that were effective in the early 20th century. But successful modern media outreach depends on more than press releases and trade conventions.

Modern manufacturing PR

In order to recruit top talent, drive sales and revenue, build brand awareness and establish lasting, profitable partnerships with vendors and distributors, companies need to navigate a complex media landscape and reach multiple audiences with the right message at the right moment. That’s all a lot easier when you have expert strategy, focused branding and extensive industry experience. In short, you’re looking for a leading manufacturing public relations agency like Ripley PR.

Here at Ripley PR, we’re especially dedicated to helping our local manufacturing neighbors update and upgrade their PR for the Information Age. Knoxville and East Tennessee are home to hundreds of unsung manufacturers; they’re the backbone of the regional economy, and we all benefit from their success through employment opportunities, community investment and positive public image.

Local leadership

Based in Maryville, Tennessee, Ripley PR is uniquely positioned to help East Tennessee manufacturers maximize their local and national opportunities through thought leadership, media coverage and reputation and crisis management. By developing content and strategic social media engagement while leveraging our local media relationships, our efforts can help you build brand awareness, land the best talent, and connect with the community we share.

For more information about Ripley PR, contact us online or call (865) 977-1973.

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