How Does Your (Home Service) Garden Grow?

Become the Local Expert and Reap the Rewards

Does your community have local experts? We certainly have our share here in East Tennessee, knowledgeable men and women invited to be morning news show guests, those people reporters call when there’s a flood or a drought or newsworthy event that touches their industries.Home service professional is interviewed on morning news talk show

My personal favorite around these parts is Neal Denton, a garden expert with the UT Extension. He’s a frequent flyer on local TV, but I’ve also seen him personally visit people’s gardens to give advice. When folks around here think gardens, they think Neal.

Have you considered using home service public relations to become the local expert for your industry? Plumbers and HVAC experts have a massive amount of knowledge that could benefit people when pipes freeze or heat waves hit. Imagine being the one they call when they need help, just because they saw you on TV.

Be Their Hero

Gaining expert status doesn’t happen overnight. Here are some of the tactics we use to elevate our home service clients from names in the phonebook to local superstars:

  • Press Releases: You’ve got to be proactive when reaching journalists. Sending regular releases to journalists in your market lets them know you have info you’re willing to share.
  • Search Engine Optimization: When journalists are searching for sources, oftentimes they’re looking online. Whose name comes up first in a search for plumbers in your hometown? And if it’s you, what kind of content will they find there?
  • Media Training: Nervous about giving interviews? No problem! A public relations agency can coach you in what to say and how to say it.

Don’t forget that you have expertise that most people don’t. Your knowledge in your industry is valuable. Sharing it can literally save the day for people in your local community, so don’t hesitate to be their hero.

Finding Help

Promoting yourself as the local home service expert takes time — time you might not have as a busy business owner. But a public relations agency like Ripley PR with plenty of experience in the home service industry can make it as easy as showing up for an interview. Partnering with a pro can make sure you go from just another name in the phonebook to the go-to brand in your community.

If this sounds like a plan you can get behind, we would love to hear from you. Just call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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