How Does the Auto Consumer Value Technology?

Automotive Innovation Car DashboardCar enthusiasts flood auto shows seeking the latest and greatest in technology. Hi-tech automotive innovation is the basis of competition between brands. But when it comes to the average consumer, technology resonates very differently in auto than it does in any other industry.

Understanding how to angle innovation strategically is pivotal to the success of your brand. Unless you are communicating how your technology connects to the values of the auto consumer, you are missing the mark. An automotive public relations agency can help you create a strategy that resonates with today’s auto consumer.

Automotive technology does not need to be complex—it needs to be the opposite. If you read Kelly Blue Book’s 10 Best Automotive Technologies of 2018 you will notice similar values to what consumers have always looked for in a vehicle; safety, reliability, and comfort.

Even in luxury brands, similar rules apply. Kelly Blue Book awarded the Best in Auto Tech luxury brand to the Audi Q5. Despite impressive advancements amongst its competitors, Audi provides right blend price and tech with safety at the forefront of its features.

How do you position your automotive brand as a lead innovator? At Ripley PR, we specialize in automotive public relations. We can help you create a PR strategy to make Innovation valuable to your customers in a meaningful way.

Kaitlyn Clark

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