How Do You Get Your Construction Projects To Be Seen On Google?

If we could tell you how to get your construction projects to appear on page one of a Google search without hard work, we’d package that and move to Tahiti.

Fun to think about but not realistic. As construction public relations professionals, the team here at Ripley PR knows the intricacies of getting your projects seen. Then we make it happen.

We have lots of tools in our toolkit, and many were formed through our deep knowledge of PR. We’ve also experienced trial and error through the years with our construction partners. It takes years of combined experience and staying current to keep your projects in the eye of your target audiences.Promote you construction project with Ripley PRcon

There are ways, however, that you can help your construction business projects become more visible, and we’d like to share these tips with you here:

Expand your brand via social using hashtags

Research Twitter hashtags and see what your competition uses, and add them to your Tweets to see what happens. Add photos of your projects and links to push readers to your website.

Use press releases

A well-timed press release to area media with good, clear photos of your projects can help not only with search engine optimization, but local press love to feature hometown projects in their news coverage.

Feature projects on your website with images and tags

Along with social and press releases, your website is a great lead generation tool. Highlight your projects on the home page and link to other projects to keep visitors engaged. Have a contact us form on every page.

Ask clients to review you on Yelp, Angie’s List and Google

I consider review websites part of the social media landscape. They often appear online during a search and people love to read them. With each project, have the client’s positive comments appear with the images to further drive the concept that your construction projects rock.

Contact the team at Ripley PR to have your current construction, manufacturing and franchise public relations brand evaluated.  We have years of experience and success helping brands become the thriving businesses they should be.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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