How construction public relations can amplify your case study

Facts and insight are getting harder to find in these modern days of information overload. Construction public relations can help you provide those for your target audience with a case study.

A team like Ripley PR has experience utilizing case studies and can help create or share that information to make the most of it. So, let’s get to it. What is a case study?

Case studies provide insight into practices and tactics for a specific client or situation. Let’s take a product for example. This product helped this client solve this problem by doing X, Y and Z.  When it comes to the construction industry, a case study can be used to accommodate your marketing plan and give plenty of content for your public relations team to earn placement in your needed media targets.

Trade Media

Trade media is a great place to send your case study. A case study in an industry outlet like Construction Executive or others will provide a direct line to those you’re trying to reach. A potential client can see how your construction product works and solves a problem. They can see how you’re helping the industry increase efficiency; they can envision how it can help their organization save money. Additionally, there’s more than just getting placement of your case study. Construction public relations can amplify your case study.

With an experienced team, the studies can compliment your marketing and garner additional in-depth coverage.

More Coverage

First, a case study can provide your marketing department with additional information to add to their materials, social posts and more. By providing facts with your advertising, it makes your efforts easier.

The information from your study can also land additional earned coverage for your brand in the media. A team like Ripley PR could help land your spokesperson on a podcast like the ConTech Crew or perhaps an interview to discuss the construction industry on MSNBC.

By using the information from the case study, you can identify story angles and help get your construction company gain more in-depth coverage.

If you’d like to get started on a case study, or have one you’d like to promote, give Ripley PR a call at 865-977-1973 or contact us online.


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