How can content marketing grow trust in telehealth?

As an innovator of healthcare technology, you may think that your marketing audience is strictly B2B, and that your message only needs to be heard and understood by the decision-makers in healthcare organizations. You do need to market your innovations to healthcare professionals, but don’t forget the patients. If patients don’t trust your technology, it is less likely that doctors will put it to use in their practices.

Telehealth on smartphone shows importance of healthcare IT public relations

While millennials are embracing telehealth options faster than any other generation, it is important for healthcare IT innovators to reach baby boomers, the generation using the most healthcare services today. You can accomplish this through a robust healthcare IT public relations strategy that includes content marketing.

Answer Their Questions

While baby boomers didn’t grow up with smartphones in hand, they are using search engines to make decisions, particularly new voice-search technology. According to Google’s research, baby boomers see voice search as an empowering technology.

You can put this trend to work for your telehealth startup and build trust among the end-users of your products. Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms are tailored to favor results that answer questions. Blog topics with key questions like, “Is telehealth safe?”  in the title or subheadings may launch your page to the top of the search results.

Our content creators at Ripley PR know the questions patients are likely to ask about your technology and can craft helpful, trustworthy blog posts that will get your message to the right people.

Give Examples

Case studies are another way to build patient trust in telehealth. If you can show examples of respected healthcare organizations that have implemented your technology successfully, along with statistics showing improved patient outcomes, patients and other healthcare organizations will be more likely to put their trust in you.

Examine your current user base and select instances where your technology has made a positive impact. Ripley PR’s marketing professionals have the experience necessary to help you tell the story of these successes in a way that all audiences will understand.

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If you are looking for a healthcare IT public relations agency that can help you craft a trust-building message for patients and doctors alike, we can help. Contact Ripley PR today.

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