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Three ways to better speak to your franchisee prospects

“We’ve been doing it this way for years.”

The above statement, while probably accurate, is the unfortunate mantra of some franchisors—mostly those who are stuck in a lead generation rut.

It’s also almost always followed up by a statement like, “If it worked before, surely it will work now. The issue isn’t the way we’re doing things, it’s something else.”

For those of you who have heard or said this: it’s time to take a long hard look at this stance and question whether it’s serving you and your franchise.

Whether you realize it or not, that type of thinking is often lazy and unthoughtful; and for a franchise trying to grow, it can be the difference between being perpetually underwhelmed at your franchise growth and becoming a franchise who hits and exceeds the coveted 100 unit milestone.

As an agency that specializes in franchise public relations, we want to see our franchise clients succeed. Our part in their success is helping generate fresh ideas and guiding their messaging. That’s what we do to bring leads to their door. From there, it’s up to the franchise to close the loop.

In the information age, prospects who are interested in your franchise have already done their research. They wouldn’t be talking you if they hadn’t. In fact, most franchise prospects have had you on their radar for at least three to six months before they even talk to a real person.

Because of this, it’s important for franchisors to know how to better speak to their prospects to keep them interested, get them excited, and not waste their time.

  1. Don’t waste their time – Your website is your first contact with 99 percent of your prospects. When you have a discovery day or a meet and greet with a prospect, don’t assume they know nothing about your company. Instead, ask them to tell you about what they know. This will help you avoid rehashing the same information they’ve already gathered either from your website or from searching the internet.
  2. Keep them interested – Ask the prospect why they chose your franchise and what kind of experience they’re looking for. Ultimately you’re looking to create happy, successful franchisees. In order to do this, you have to know why they’re talking to you in the first place and discover whether they’re a good fit, especially from a cultural standpoint. Let them tell their story, you might be surprised at how much they’ll say. From there, you can weave in what makes your franchise a great opportunity and next step in the story of their life.
  3. Get them excited – Purchasing the rights to a franchise is a financial decision, yes; but ultimately, it’s an emotional decision. If a franchise prospect isn’t excited, they’re not going to sign. It’s important to remember to be realistic with your prospects about the business side of owning a franchise while keeping them emotionally engaged and excited about the opportunity. Talk with them about what they hope owning a franchise will accomplish. Maybe they want to get off the road and spend more time with their family, or maybe they’re ready to go into business for themselves. Whatever their dream, keeping them focused on their ultimate goals can help maintain their excitement.

If you’re a franchise in need of new ideas and better messaging, give Ripley PR a call at 865.977.1973. We have the franchise public relations experience to help you grow.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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