How a Webinar Can Help your Lead Generation

Many healthcare IT companies have tried webinars as a way to increase sales and gain brand awareness.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of B2B companies (which includes healthcare IT companies) use webinars to prospect or nurture leads, and that number is continuing to grow. As a PR agency specializing in healthcare IT, Ripley PR can accomplish this goal for your company by developing a comprehensive public relations strategy to develop, plan and execute a webinar series to maximize your lead generation.

Here are a few of the ways that a webinar can help your lead generation efforts:

How a Webinar Can Help your Lead Generation

How a Webinar Can Help your Lead Generation

  • Strong intent – If someone signs up for your webinar, they already have a level of respect for your company. This can be leveraged over time to convert them into customers, as they already have an interest in what you do and the services that are offered.
  • Gather more information –The registrant has a perceived value of engaging with the subject matter of the webinar, and are more willing to part with more of their corporate information. This can alleviate a big barrier regarding access, while at the same time giving you an “in” with the company.
  • Generate leads for months or years – If you record your webinar, it can service a purpose long after it concludes. You can utilize social media, your website and blogs to keep the webinar generating leads for months or years to position your company as a subject matter expert on the topic of your webinar

Webinars are great lead generators and revenue-drivers, and your healthcare IT company can see substantial benefit for the bottom line. Would you like to learn more about the ways in which a comprehensive public relations strategy can help you execute a webinar series and maximize your lead generation?  Contact Ripley PR today, whose experienced team can help improve your healthcare IT public relations efforts.


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