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Home service industry businesses whose brands have been around for many years often need a rebranding plan to better convey their message to today’s customer. With newer service businesses encroaching on your customer base, it’s almost a necessity. However, when deciding to rebrand, partnering with the right public relations team is key.

Your business needs PR practitioners who are experts in your industry, and who are experienced in conducting accurate market research, extensive preparation and development of suitable messages with the right tools. When done right, the ROI of working with professionals can (and should) exceed your expectations.Brand Building concept - Construction public relations

Still not sure why you should hire a professional home service public relations team? Here are four reasons to consider using PR experts:

  • Your original brand
    Brands are built over time. So, why risk losing what’s taken years to build?

    In the home service industry, trust is everything. But it’s important for service businesses to understand that rebranding doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Rebranding can leverage your existing brand by providing a better customer experience that will reach broader audiences.

    At Ripley PR we can help your organization do the right research and develop a new look that will also represent your original brand identity.

  • The right name selection and color scheme
    When rebranding, finding out what your customers’ expectations are, what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are and what you want to communicate is vital.

    You can try to do it yourself, or hire an inexperienced agency to manage your rebranding efforts (or, even worse, use an intern or a friend’s kid). Chances are that the campaign will lack professional creativity, your new logo might be too generic, or the new brand could be looked at with a smirk by your competition. Your business needs to differentiate itself from your competition, but not in a negative way!

  • The right SEO strategy
    Without experienced market research, companies in your industry often end up developing similar content, leading to similar keywords that compete against each other for SEO. If five companies use the term, “home services in Knoxville” as a key phrase, search engines will use variable algorithms to prioritize the search results, and your company might not fare well.  Working with an experienced public relations agency like Ripley PR will take the guesswork out of the equation, making your SEO count in the most effective way.
  • The same values
    As a business owner, you hope your customers appreciate your home service company’s values and customer service. When companies rebrand, customers may wonder if these values will be retained, or if management has changed, or if the business has been acquired and will operate differently. An experienced PR firm will conduct appropriate research, leveraging what works while implementing complementary tactics and messaging that still maintains a familiar feel, yet with an improved overall brand strategy.

To learn more about how Ripley PR can help you home services company rebrand, contact us at hripley@ripleypr.com.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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