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As our lives, and the products in them, become more high-tech and interconnected, home service companies stand to become a crucial part of how consumers adopt electric cars and smart homes. However, many customers looking into these technologies may be afraid of setting them up themselves, but unaware that help is available. One of the ways that your business can position itself as a tech expert is through a great home service public relations strategy.

Smart homes don't have to be scary with home service PR

Why Do Home Service Companies Need PR? Isn’t Marketing Enough?

Take a look around the home service industry today, and you’ll likely find someone advertising smart home installations. Items like connected thermostats, smart lights and home surveillance systems aren’t just commonplace, they’re everywhere. But it’s one thing to advertise an installation service, it’s another entirely to communicate the benefits of a smart home ecosystem to homeowners.

One of the ways an agency that specializes in home service PR can spread the smart home message more effectively is through earned media. Rather than just putting up another billboard or running a local TV ad, public relations can give your company an edge on the competition by shaping the stories people actually want to read. Who better to ask about the future of the smart home or electric cars than a master electrician?

Home Service Companies Need to Show They Can Keep Up

The tech industry changes quickly, and projecting a forward-thinking and responsive image is important. Consider the impact electric cars are having on electricians around the country. Just ten years ago, they were nonexistent, and most homes were able to provide adequate electrical capacity for daily use. Add an electric car to the mix, and now homeowners need a 240-volt outlet in the garage, possibly even new wiring and electrical panel.

This may be one of the most important advances in electrical work to have occurred in the past fifty years, and it’s giving the electricians who can provide these services a boost to their revenue. But not everyone who buys a Tesla knows how to prepare their home for it, and that’s where home service public relations can help.

We work with homee service public relations every day – combinings traditional brand awareness strategies — search engine optimization, driven by blogs and social media, and earned media spotlights and press releases — with a true experience and understanding of the industry.

The PR Solution that Understands You

At Ripley PR, our clients are our greatest strength. We spend the time to get to know them and the industries they operate in. We closely follow not just how the industry changes, but how our clients change with it, and use that to drive public relations campaigns that work. If it’s time to find a home service public relations agency for your business, contact Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973.

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