Highlight your franchisees’ success with PR

tell your franchisees' storiesYou’ve developed a winning business model for your company and decided to franchise your idea.

But, in order to really succeed in franchising, you’ll need to invest in some franchise public relations to make your business grow.

One way to do this is to highlight your franchisees’ successes. Not only does this show your existing franchisees that you care about their accomplishments, it also shows other investors that you value your team.

PR builds relationships

Public relations is the art of developing and keeping relationships. For your franchise partners, this includes building relationships with their local media, potential customers in their area and with you.

A good PR strategy also includes building a positive reputation for your franchise brand. Helping your franchisees maintain a positive view in their local area brings more customers to their store or office while it builds goodwill for the name you’ve built throughout the years.

What PR can do for you

Franchise public relations also helps your franchisee garner more earned media. Earned media – articles written by third parties – is more valuable than any of the advertising you can buy because it is seen as more trustworthy. Studies have shown that 92% of consumers trust earned media while only 4% trust paid advertising.

But getting earned media isn’t always easy.

That’s where a franchise PR professional can help.

PR experts have contacts in the media and know how to get your franchisees noticed. The more often a local reporter or trade journalist talks with your franchisee, the better the chances they’ll become known as the thought-leader in their area.

And this makes your franchise more valuable.

Why your PR team matters

You need a team of public relations professionals who understand how important it is to build up your franchisees as it builds your brand. And, the team at Ripley PR knows about franchising.

We’ve developed relationships with key members of local media throughout the country and in the trades. And, our content creation team knows the stories that news outlets want to tell.

If you want to highlight your franchisees’ success, give Ripley PR a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. We’d love to talk to you about spotlighting your team.


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