Healthcare IT public relations can overclock your marketing

One of the greatest challenges healthcare IT companies face is distilling complex and complicated information about their services into a consumable and newsworthy format.  Whether your company is focused on improving the care continuum, client experience, interoperability or providing secure network access, you need a partner in healthcare IT public relations who can align your key messages, speak your language and secure media placement to attract your target clients in the healthcare industry. Healthcare IT public relations can help create connections

Your innovations, announcements and achievements are meant to be shared to draw customers.  A PR agency that truly understands your industry will function more as an extension of your team, using strategy, proven tactics and established relationships with the media to increase awareness of your brand.

An article by BMC Health Services Research offers this on the benefits of healthcare IT public relations:

Prudently deployed and led by guiding strategies, public relations offers health and medical organizations opportunities to engage audiences in an efficient and highly credible manner. Courtesy of its unique properties, public relations capably can complement other marketing communications, operating synergistically to help healthcare institutions achieve their conveyance goals, fostering exchange and bolstering market share. Careful operationalization of this marketing communications avenue can help healthcare establishments realize their full communicative potential.

This also holds true for B2B healthcare IT companies utilizing public relations to garner the interest of executives, marketing managers and other decision makers.

At Ripley PR for example, our role as a healthcare IT public relations team is to help refine – or develop – your key messages and develop an effective strategy for keeping your business top of mind for your target audience, establishing credibility and building trust in your brand. We will put the strategy into action with tactics that deliver tangible results, like developing and pitching press releases, developing case studies on your best projects and creating engaging content for your blog and social media channels.

If you’re interested in taking your marketing plan to the next level with an agency that understands healthcare IT public relations, please call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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