Healthcare IT helps everyone; a PR firm can return the favor

While the country’s healthcare might be everyone’s favorite punching bag, healthcare information technology is making strides to improve systems and workflows for professionals and patients alike. Data can be used for research, create diagnoses or influence health trends. Devices and other technology are used daily to create better patient outcomes in hospitals across the country. Wonderful things are happening because of the healthcare IT industry, but those stories aren’t always told.

A healthcare IT public relations team can help. Here’s how:

  • Toot your own horn. Healthcare IT companies are making advances happen all the time. Make them known. A PR firm can get your executives speaking engagements where they not only get your company’s name out there but find possible client leads. Oh, and don’t forget the press releases touting your sehospital-patient-bed-nurse-digital-tabletrvices, interviews with media outlets and countless other forms of good publicity a firm can acquire for you.
  • Stand out from the crowd. It can be easy to get lost in the hubbub of healthcare, but a firm like Ripley PR will not only help you stand out from the healthcare industry but from IT competitors, as well. Every company has its own unique story. We’d like to help you tell yours.
  • Damage control. Sometimes, bad things happen to good companies. Breaches will happen. Systems will crash. Servers will fail. As technology advances, more and more information is stored electronically, which creates an increased risk. Back in the day, the biggest worry to patient records was a lit match. Today, though, companies have to worry about hackers, breaches and various other entities that can create
    a PR nightmare. When bad things happen, you need to let customers know you’re handling the situation. A PR firm can help you create a crisis plan that will do just that.

There are challenges that come with having a healthcare IT company, but there can also be a lot of big wins. Call Ripley PR today and let us help you land them.

Amanda Greever

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