Have You Incorporated Social Media In Your B2B PR Plan?

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Just about everyone from baby boomers to Gen Z is on social media these days. It’s safe to say that the new word of mouth marketing for B2B businesses is social media marketing. It is the perfect tool for enhancing your company’s B2B public relations strategy.

Social Media and Public Relations Need to Coordinate

The roles of marketing, public relations and social media have become intertwined. All of these avenues are used to build and maintain trust in a B2B company and their products and services. So, it is extremely important that all avenues of communications mesh.

Incorporate Social Media Into Your B2B Public Relations Strategy

Every social media platform is unique and can be leveraged to assist your B2B PR. Let’s take a look at the top platforms and see how they can be used to boost your public relations strategy.

  1. Facebook: Leverage all of Facebook’s tools to tell more people about your B2B company. Post consistently and use live videos to showcase your products and services. Be sure to add behind-the-scenes stories that highlight your company’s culture.
  2. Twitter: This is the best way to send a quick message about a new launch, promotion or press release. Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences and also to track what people are saying about your B2B company.
  3. LinkedIn: Keep your messaging businesslike. Highlight your products and services and share commentary on industry news and happenings. This is the best place to find new leads at the executive level.
  4. Instagram: Everybody loves to look and pictures and videos. This platform is a great way to extend your reach and cultivate your audience. Showcase your company culture, trade show events, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks to keep your audience engaged and feeling as if they are a part of your B2B company.

Social media is here to stay, and it will continue to evolve and grow. If you’d like to start using social media tools to boost your B2B company, consider partnering with Ripley PR. Our team of B2B PR experts can make sure your social media and PR strategies coincide for maximum effect. Contact us today.


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