Harnessing the power of storytelling to sell franchises

Six stories you can tell to get prospects to fall in love with your franchise

typewriter-everyone-has-a-story-franchise-public-relationsBefore there was the written word, the only way we passed along information from person to person, group to group, and generation to generation was through storytelling.

Storytelling is and will always be a powerful medium, but it’s not just the novelists, TV networks and Hollywood producers who can take advantage of storytelling. Your franchise can benefit from telling great stories, too.

As franchise public relations experts, we help find and tell stories for our clients all the time.

Below are the six stories we’ve found to have the most impact on potential franchisees:

  1. Bad turned good stories – If you have a franchisee who has struggled to get off the ground, but was then able to turn things around to become wildly successful, that’s a story you need to tell. Call it redemption, call it grace, call it whatever you want, but people are naturally drawn to stories that show people in seemingly overwhelming situations strive and succeed at turning things around.
  2. Human interest stories – Emotion is what drives great storytelling. Each one of your franchisees has a story, and more than a few have a “story behind the story” of how they got to where they are today. Telling their story is a great way to connect with franchise prospects because it will bring about sympathy and even motivate them to join your franchise because they connect with the story in an emotional way.
  3. Happy franchisees stories – Happy franchisees are some of the easiest stories to tell. They are instant champions of your brand, and since they are living the day-to-day of franchise life in your system, they can offer unique insights to prospects about what to expect and why at the end of the day, it is all worthwhile.
  4. Life changing stories – People get into franchising because they want to own their own business but want the security of a proven business model and brand name. For some, it’s about getting out from under a boss. For others, it’s about starting a business based on their passion. Whatever the motivation, the opportunity you’ve afforded your franchisees has undoubtedly changed their lives. That’s a story worth telling, and one that will encourage prospects to look at their own life and envision how they can change it for the better by joining your franchise.
  5. Culture/leadership stories – When telling prospects stories, you want to focus mostly on the lives of your franchisees. That being said, there is an opportunity to show how your corporate team has helped your franchisees. Your dedication to their success is a story that will convince prospects you’re not just in it for the royalties.
  6. End user stories – Happy customers make happy franchisees. If a customer is over the moon with an experience they had with your franchise, that’s worth sharing. Not only does it show how great your brand is, it’s also a complement to the franchisee who received the praise in the first place.

If you’re looking to sell more franchises, give Ripley PR a call today. We can help you discover and tell your stories to engage prospects and make them fall in love with your franchise.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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