Growing Construction Tech Against the Status Quo

There’s an old phrase that says “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” We don’t ride horses to the grocery store, and we don’t create newspapers on the printing press anymore – so why is construction tech treated any differently?

Construction companies will often shy away from adopting innovative software and technology simply because they’re used to the processes they currently have, whether they’re effective or not. Their confidence lies in the old ways, and they feel that new innovations may be difficult and time-consuming to implement. Construction tech public relations can help establish your brand as a trusted tech solution.

As quoted in Kim Slowey’s recent story on Construction Dive, Doug Chambers states that technological intimidation may be to blame for the reluctance of adopting new technologies.

[Chambers] said that many of today’s construction management executives never worked with desktops or laptops, however, ‘they do have a good relationship with mobile devices.’ In fact, it wasn’t until the proliferation of tablets and smart phones that superintendents and field project managers had real computing power available to them.

Chambers said today’s construction technology is more about developing user-centric designs and thinking about the people who are going to be utilizing the technology every day as opposed to building only with desired results in mind.

Perhaps if the decision makers knew that time spent on tedious processes like bookkeeping and recording clerical hours could be slashed in half, or that the constant battle of paper-fumbling could be contained to a centralized platform – would that make a difference?

By investing in construction tech public relations with an agency experienced in the field like Ripley PR, your position as a trusted authority on innovative solutions will remain top of mind for important decision makers in the industry. By developing unique strategies to fit your brand, like distributing press releases to announce your good news, crafting informational blogs to boost SEO, and seeking out earned media opportunities, a team specializing in construction tech public relations can help you tell the story that adopting tech solutions like yours is the right choice.

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