Great Press Releases can Attract Investors to your Healthcare IT Business

Your healthcare IT business is in demand, thanks to the increase in need for technology advancements in the healthcare sector. Recent information published on healthinformatics’s website reports that 96% of hospitals and 78% of physician offices use electronic health record technology. While that’s impressive, healthcare IT isn’t just about electronic records software or hardware.

As a healthcare IT organization, you are always seeking to innovate and develop new and better software, hardware or services for your users, and to gain more customers. But you also want to attract investors. Whether you are thinking about an exit strategy or a buy-out down the road, healthcare IT public relations can pave the way to your business goals.

How can PR help my healthcare IT company attract the right investors?

One of the best ways is through very thoughtful and strategic press releases. Yes, press releases used to be sent via fax and email in the past, but today’s press releases are just as important, and you can reach many more interested consumers and investors via digital  press releases,

Here are a few of the advantages of digital press releases:

  • Well-researched and targeted digital press releases can be sent to specific healthcare IT industry insiders. These are the individuals who can publicize your press release to the audiences you want to reach
  • Digital press releases can reach thousands of news outlets, IT healthcare publications and websites and industry reporters. Using targeted keywords will get your press release seen by even more customers and potential investors
  • Online press releases can position your company as experts in the healthcare IT industry, so that when reporters or TV stations need a story on healthcare IT, they have your company contact information at their fingertips
  • Investors want to invest in businesses that has business. Use press releases to publicize your company’s case studies. Investors do lots of research before investing, and case studies show them you are successful.

If you are thinking about exiting your healthcare IT company, invest in yourself by partnering with Ripley PR, an experienced healthcare IT public relations firm. Ripley PR has helped many of its clients find investors through purposeful PR campaigns. To speak to a healthcare IT PR specialist call (865) 977-1973 today.


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