Grayson Shockley

Grayson Shockley – Managing Director

Grayson has known the challenges and joys of supporting small businesses all his life. Raised around a family business in Sevierville, Tenn., he naturally gravitated toward a career in sales, service and management. The experience he gained growing up in the business world — a family dedication to building value and finding solutions — shows in the attention and care he provides to his clients at Ripley PR.

Throughout a decade of opening and operating multiple business locations throughout East Tennessee, Grayson’s natural talent and passion proved invaluable in promoting and marketing the companies. Choosing to combine his love of communication and dedication to fostering businesses, Grayson now puts his talents to work for Ripley PR’s clients.

As a graduate of Maryville College and longtime resident of Blount County, Grayson provides valuable support to Ripley PR clients throughout the U.S.

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