Give Your Home Service Company a Name the Public Recognizes

Home service companies like yours have been real heroes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, working hard to keep customers safe and comfortable in their homes. But current challenges will pass, and business owners can’t stop thinking about making their companies stronger in the years ahead.

Now’s the time to boost your visibility and reputation with a solid home service public relations strategy to help give your business a trusted name that potential customers can recognize, instead of just being a random listing in Google results.

Online Content

These days, visibility starts online. To increasing your search engine ranking, your company will benefit from developing a PR plan that includes content marketing and an engaging social media presence. This means posting blogs to your website and creating a regular schedule of social media content.

The holiday season is here. As our CEO Heather Ripley writes in PHCP Pros magazine, the holidays provide a great way to get your home service business more attention by offering helpful, timely online content:

Think about posting seasonal tips and information online. Think about plumbing problems or questions your clients are likely to have during the holidays. Take weather into account, along with the demands of houseguests and extra cooking on household plumbing. Try fine-tuning your blogs to make the most of Google’s current algorithm, which favors question-and-answer formats for voice search optimization.

Visibility takes more work than that, though. You will need to be regularly informing potential customers about its services and program through press releases and direct customer communications such as e-blasts. Building ties with local TV stations and newspaper helps, too, by providing opportunities to offer expert advice about home service problems to a wider audience.

Let Us Help

If all this sounds like too much extra work on top of keeping your business ready, call Ripley PR. We are home service experts and know the needs and challenges you are facing. If you are ready to grow your home service company’s brand into a name that customers recognize throughout your market, the experts at Ripley PR are ready to help. Contact us online or call (865) 977-1973.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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