Give your Franchise Brand the Staying Power it Needs with Franchise PR

Franchise networks that can change with the times and keep up with customer tastes and desires have the advantage over competitors. This also requires keeping your brand in the public eye, tailoring outreach and communications to both customers and potential franchisees. Franchise public relations can offer the right voice to make that possible.

Dealing with Change

The franchise industry is not immune to ongoing changes in consumer preference. As demand for services like home delivery and mobile ordering put a dent in foot traffic at restaurants and retail locations alike, franchisors need to find new ways to help boost their overall brand image and visibility to keep their brand relevant.

Increasing visibility requires carefully crafting a brand image that makes visiting individual franchise locations worth the effort for customers. Ripley PR’s skilled team of franchise public relations professionals can turn announcements of new store locations, products and services into news coverage, bringing crowds through the door and attracting prospective franchise owners to your brand. A well-crafted social media strategy can give your franchise network the image you’re looking for, from professional, high-quality posts to fun and unique content that builds an engaged fanbase.

Our team of talented content specialists will craft every tweet and post on your social media platforms to ensure organic growth. If things do go wrong, having a crisis management plan, developed by PR professionals, in place can help keep your reputation intact even in the wake of supply chain failures, missed targets and social media mistakes.

Looking Forward

The growth of franchise brands depends on the health of its individual franchise locations. As a franchise-focused PR agency, Ripley PR can help your company grow, whether you’re looking to attract new location owners or boost visibility with consumers. Let us show you how public relations can help your franchise navigate the changing marketplace. For more information, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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