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Have you ever opened a newspaper and seen a column from your HVAC competitors? Or maybe you were watching the local news and saw a rival plumber talking about preventing frozen pipes? Why were they the chosen ones? Why couldn’t it have been you?

The truth is many in the home service industry are asking the same questions. The media often doesn’t just select an expert at random for spots on TV or in an article. It’s usually a company they’ve built a relationship with one way or another. Or, more than likely, they’ve turned to a public relations specialist who has helped them secure those opportunities.

Utilizing a home service public relations strategy can be an effective approach for contractors looking to grow their brand in their local communities. By partnering with a PR firm, like Ripley PR, you are gaining a set of tools that can help you build the important media contacts you need to land in the publications you want.

Through proactive media outreach, our experts will use your expertise to pitch ideas to trusted journalists in your area to secure opportunities. Whether it’s tips on how to save energy in the summer or how to prevent drain clogs, we will use these pitches to help build you as a thought leader in your community.

In addition to proactive media outreach, our experts can develop error-free press releases that can be used to garner the media’s attention. With newsrooms limited, these releases are ready-to-print, which makes them more attractive to journalists. Because of this, they are more likely to share your important news.

So, if you are ready to partner with an experienced PR agency that has experience in the home service industry, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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