Effective Franchise Public Relations Starts with a Local Strategy

Most franchisors offer a robust marketing plan for franchisees to implement; however, many of those marketing plans only provide insight on advertising.  Often times, the public relations element in those plans is small or inexistent.

Incorporating public relations into a franchise’s marketing strategy is key to getting a business recognized and noticed, especially within a local community.


At Ripley PR, we specialize in franchise public relations and recommend taking strategic steps to incorporate public relations into a marketing strategy.  These initiatives should include:

Develop Brand Ambassadors
Having support from the local community is important to a business’ success.  Developing ways for employees, business colleagues, vendors and consumers to show company support is key.  Using ambassadors to share information on their social media channels, writing blogs, and simply spreading a positive word about the company through word-of-mouth can have a positive impact business.

Speaking opportunities
Speaking to groups of people is a great way to generate new exposure.  When developing a PR strategy, it’s important to research upcoming meetings of civic and professional organizations, as well as, find upcoming conferences and trade shows to attend.  Sharing the history of a business and discussing a leader’s expertise within an industry are great speaking topics.  The value of securing speaking engagements is incredible, especially for growing business and networking with community leaders.

Social Media
Social platforms offer a great way to have a dynamic discussion with an engaged audience. It’s important to know the differences of each media platform, because the conversation on Facebook can be different than the business interaction on LinkedIn.  Or an update on twitter is very different than an update on Google+. It’s important to know how social media channels differ, as this will help maximize social efforts.

Blogs are also an important way to spread a message.  Writing blogs that focus on a business’ expertise and qualities can improve a company’s reputation and recognition.  Blogs can assist with increasing SEO to a company’s website, as well as, serve as great content for social media updates and conversations.

Media Outreach
If you’re considering working with a public relations agency, one of the best ways to utilize an agency’s efforts is to leverage their relationship and expertise in working with the media to increase publicity for your franchise company.

These are just a few ways on how to incorporate public relations into a franchise marketing strategy.  Generating new opportunities to interact with key audiences will not only increase a business’ recognition, but can also increase the entire business.  To learn more about incorporating public relations into your marketing plan, contact the franchise public relations experts at Ripley PR.  We will help you plan ahead and set marketing and public relations goals and plans to impact your business’ overall success.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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