Franchise Public Relations: Speaking to Two Distinct Audiences

Growth is a primary goal for most businesses, and franchises are no different. Whether it is managing capacity, choosing properties, or developing a public image, steps toward growth should always be taken in smart and efficient ways. When it comes public relations, franchises have the unique need of marketing to two audiences – potential franchisees and consumers of their products or services. Employing an agency with tenured experience in franchise public relations can alleviate the headache of managing two distinct campaigns.

Campaigns targeting consumers might appear in national media spotlighting new products or services, or they might appear in local media, introducing the franchise owner and announcing a grand opening. The goal of public relations campaigns such as these is not to directly advertise or promote but to create more localized awareness for the brand itself and passively make it an attractive option for potential patrons.

Campaigns targeting potential franchisees will take a different tone and need to properly address the right audience. It is critical for franchisors to be noticed in publications that a potential entrepreneur may read, and stories need to focus on the qualities that make the company an attractive choice for a business ownership investment.

Partnering with an agency that understands the nuances of franchise public relations can save valuable time and effort. Spending enough time in-house to adequately provide publicity and coverage for the brand itself as well as each individual location is a daunting, if not impossible, feat, and it can pull team members away from accomplishing other tasks that may be better suited for their time and skills. The right PR agency will have the necessary contacts and experience to not only juggle the different campaigns that franchises call for effectively, but to make the most out of each of them and secure the right media opportunities for the brand.

To find out more about how your franchise can benefit by partnering with an experienced public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.

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