Franchise Public Relations Increases Your Brand’s Credibility

One of the main reasons an aspiring business owner will opt to buy into a franchise is because the instant credibility and name recognition makes it easier to attract potential clients.

However, brand recognition and product integrity was not achieved overnight and are the result of building momentum over time through consistent and strategic franchise public relations.

When a national business magazine like Entrepreneur or even your local newspaper or television station does a story on your organization, your brand is recognized by a whole group of people who may not give credence to an ad.

This not only drives more leads, it also attracts new owners into your system.

Choosing a public relations team that also knows home services

Outside of owning a fast-food franchise, some of the most lucrative franchise opportunities are in the home services fields – HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades.

Like fast-food chains, many customers choose to do business with a home services company that they are familiar with and know from word-of-mouth or through local visibility. This type of brand reputation is cultivated by agencies that have a deep knowledge of the industry and well-known contacts throughout the media that serves it.

This doesn’t happen without telling your story. Your stories should resonate with both prospective franchisee owners and potential customers. A public relations firm with experience in both franchise PR and home services public relations can help you get the right stories out to both of these important target audiences. And, a seasoned team like Ripley PR can help you maintain a consistent brand, delivering your key messages across all your mediums.

Ripley PR has represented both franchise and home services companies for years and has the expertise necessary to help you build your brand. Join a partner who can help take you to the next level. Call Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us on our website to get started.


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