Franchise Public Relations Drives New Business

If you are a franchise owner, you are well aware of the importance of having the name of your business top of mind with current customers. Engaging in a franchise public relations plan with a partner that specializes in the franchise market, like Ripley PR, can help you to maximize your potential opportunities to drive new business to your franchise location.

Regardless of the franchise market that you are working in, having a franchise public relations plan can help you drive positive coverage for your business and services, can develop a strategy for interacting with media members for coverage, as well as helping to plan for crisis situations if they occur. As a part of an overall marketing plan, creating a franchise public relations process can help to drive new business on an ongoing basis.

A few reasons why franchise public relations should be part of your marketing budget: Franchise Public Relations Ripley PR

Media Coverage

A public relations agency specializing in the franchise industry can work with you to create engaging stories to the media. Media outlets receive numerous requests, pitches and media alerts throughout a day; having a franchise public relations partner can help you refine your story and information in a way that resonates with media contacts.


If you own a franchise business, you likely have a strategy for reaching out to your community, to drive new business and to create opportunities for your franchise to succeed. While most franchisors have a strategy in mind for your franchise, your franchise can use franchise public relations to personalize and tailor your message to local and national media to help define your role in the community that you serve. While this will not only foster good will within your community, it will also allow you to create new contacts and potential customers, driving new business to your franchise to help drive new business for your franchise!

Crisis Situations

As a franchise owner, there may be situations, either on a national or local level that will result in a crisis for your franchise business. Regardless of what the particular crisis may be, having a franchise public relations partner can help you craft a message that will help position your franchise in these crisis moments to work with members of the media. For the most part, the chance that a crisis will occur to your franchise is low; however, having a franchise public relations partner will help keep you prepared in the event that something were to happen.

Franchise owners that are looking to not only survive but thrive in the business market can leverage the power of franchise public relations to grow their business. To learn more about the benefits of franchise public relations, contact a firm that specializes in franchise public relations like the team at Ripley PR today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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