Franchise Public Relations Can Tell your Most Compelling Stories

As a franchisor, there’s no doubt you’re excited about your brand. Marketing the products and services offered by your franchises is important to ensure they remain top of mind for consumers, and shining a light on the potential for tremendous success feels like a surefire way to attract new owners. However, for consumer bases with a preference for supporting local, independent businesses first, how are they being compelled to spend money with your brand? And are carefully curated stories of wealthy franchisees living their dreams really telling the whole story?Franchisees have compelling stories that can help your brand, and franchise public relations can help.

The secret to real connection with your target audiences may lie squarely with the faces behind each franchise. The trials, accomplishments and community connections of your franchisees humanize your brand and establish it as more than a national “chain.” As an agency experienced in franchise public relations, we do understand that it can be challenging to coordinate and collect real, human interest stories from the franchisees across your system. It requires a well-planned strategy and some extra legwork to get it done. We recommend, if you haven’t already, partnering up with a seasoned team like Ripley PR to begin uncovering some of the best angles to keep your brand in the press.

Explaining the why

The first step to get started is to work with your franchise public relations team to explain the “why” to your franchisees. Making it clear that sharing their stories could enhance their visibility and establish a better connection with their community is key for getting responses. Then, work together to lay out a sound strategy for sourcing the information. Surveys can be effective if executed correctly, and establishing private social groups/channels may lead to regular sharing of stories as they happen. Prompting them with examples can help, such as: overcoming unique challenges to open their own business, military service history, and even stories of lessons learned and finding success after a tough first year or two in franchising.

Be genuine, be local

Once you’ve got a collection of compelling stories, your franchise PR team can pitch these to both local and national journalists with a goal of securing earned media opportunities. Potential franchisees will value the transparent, inside look at your franchise system and consumers will appreciate knowing they’re supporting a real, local business owner when choosing your brand.

To learn more about how a franchise public relations agency like Ripley PR can tell your story in a fresh, compelling way, contact us by calling (865) 977-1973.


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