Franchise Public Relations Can Help Achieve Brand Awareness in Your Target Markets

Every franchisor has a list of markets or territories they deem perfect for their brand, but perhaps they’ve been more difficult than others to penetrate and find qualified leads. As an experienced franchise public relations agency, we know that some media markets are simply tougher to crack and that a truly one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work. The good news is that technology and our connected world have made it much easier to try different strategies and hit target markets with a multi-pronged attack.

Franchise now open in target market.
  • Thoughtful, targeted and effective content is a great place to start. Educational blogs and case studies should be posted to your site regularly, and by identifying and addressing a need in your ideal markets with your business positioned as a possible solution, your SEO will be enhanced and more qualified leads can be driven to an online contact form. Partnering with a franchise public relations agency with an experienced in-house content team can help ensure the best keywords are use and that your content is top-notch.
  • Formulate a budget for Facebook ads and take action sooner than later. Facebook ads are a great way to hone in on potential owners in your target market, and an experienced social media team can help target your ideal franchisee avatar. Direct mail certainly still has a place in the world, but Facebook ads are key because they can connect interested parties directly to your contact form, securing valuable information effortlessly.
  • Create news for markets you don’t operate in yet. One of the most difficult achievements is successfully establishing a presence in a local market you have no footprint in. Working closely with your franchise public relations team, though, can help identify opportunities to speak to potential leads in the area anyway. There may not be a local announcement to make yet, but offering expert commentary to current stories, providing bylined contributions and even planning a hyperlocal community event are all great ways to make your own news.

If you’re ready to expand your franchise system into new markets, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 to get started.

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