Franchise PR can help you land speaking engagements to boost your brand – and make the most out of the trade show experience

Trade shows are a fundamental part of the franchise business. They give companies the opportunity to show off what they do, get insight into their competitors, network with partners and potential franchisees, and catch up on new and emerging trends.

Make your submission stand out

Landing a speaking engagement at a key industry trade show multiplies the benefits. You can make a stronger connection with more industry professionals and prospective franchisees in a single session than you can in a whole weekend sitting behind a booth. At the same time, you’re establishing your credentials as an expert and burnishing your brand’s reputation.

Speaking engagements aren’t reserved for superstars. But they take time – something most business leaders don’t have a surplus of. Research, writing and revising a submission can be daunting, and it can be hard to know which events are worth the effort. If you want to promote your franchise business by speaking at industry events but don’t know how to make your submission stand out, franchise public relations may be the solution.

Experience matters

A top franchise public relations agency like Ripley PR knows the key events that will benefit your company the most. They have developed relationships with organizers and know what they’re looking for. They can craft a story for you and your company that offers a new perspective on the issues facing your industry and gives the audience useful, actionable information. Once your submission is accepted, the right PR agency will aggressively, efficiently promote your appearance to reporters and editors in the trade media.

If you’re ready to make the most of the speaking opportunities available for your franchise, Ripley PR can help. Contact us online or call (865) 977-1973.



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